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2014 Overall Champions Urawa Reds Ladies

Doage Lifting PlaceUrawa Komaba Stadium On November 24, Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies vs Albirex Niigata Ladies, one of the final matches with the Exciting Series of the Nadeshiko Japanese women’s football league was held at the Urawa Komaba Stadium in Saitama Prefecture. Before the match, Urawa Ladies was keeping the first place with three more …

Champions - Urawa Reds Ladies

Hishida Shunso Retrospective – The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Signboard TermSeptember 23 – November 3, 2014 PlaceThe National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo Kokuritsu Kindai Bijutsu-kan) “Kuroki Neko” (Black Cat) Rank statue in forecourt (artist unknown) On October 23 of 2014, I went to the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo to view the “Hishida Shunso: A Retrospective”. Hishida Shunso is famous and important …

Signboard of Hishida Shunso Ten