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Shrines & Temples

Reports of Japanese Jinja shrines & Tera temples

Chichibu Fudasho #9 Akechi-Dera – Yokoze, Saitama

TypeNanzenji School of Rinzai-shu Sect Temple Foundation1191 (Second year of the Kenkyu era) AddressYokoze 2157, Yokoze town, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionIt is said that Akechi Zen Priest built this temple in 1191. The Kannon-do building was grand one as same as the Gokadou’s, though, it was burned to the ground in 1883. The current Kannon-do was …

Chichibu Akechi-Dera

Chichibu Fudasho #8 Saizen-Ji Temple – Yokoze, Saitama

Temple gate TypeNanzenji School of Rinzai-shu Sect Temple FoundationAt the middle part of the Moromachi period (1336-1573) AddressYokoze 598, Yokoze town, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionRecords show that this temple caught fire in 1810 and 1824. Though, the existing Hondo main building was rebuilt in 1824. There is a huge Kaede maple tree in this site which …

Hondo - Saizen-Ji

Chichibu Fudasho #7 Hocho-Ji Temple – Yokoze, Saitama

TypeSoto-shu Sect Zen Temple Foundationbefore 1606 AddressYokoze 1501, Yokoze town, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionThe Hocho-Ji was found by Ryodo Kansei who was a Buddhist priest and deceased in 1606 (11th year of the Keicho era). So, this temple was found before 1606. The dimensions of the Hondo main building are 24.4m x 18m, it is the …

Hondo Hocho-Ji Temple

Chichibu Fudasho #5 Gokadou – Yokoze, Saitama

Nioh-mon (Deva gate) TypeNanzen-Ji School of Rinzai-shu Sect Temple Foundation? AddressYokoze 6119, Yokoze town, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionThis temple was built by Honma Magohachi to enshrine the Kannon principal image which is said to be made by Buddhist Bishop Jikaku. Hondo Main building

Gokadou Main Building

Chichibu Fudasho #6 Bokuun-Ji Temple – Yokoze, Saitama

Hondo Main building TypeSoto-shu Sect Zen Temple Foundation1638 (15th year of the Kanei era) AddressYokoze 1430, Yokoze town, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionLegend has it that the principal image of Buddha (Honzon) of this temple used to be seating for a long time at the Zao-Gongen Shrine located at the top of the Buko-san Mountain. However, the …

Bokuun-Ji Temple

Chichibu Fudasho #4 Kinsho-Ji Temple – Chichibu, Saitama

Deva gate (Nioh-mon) TypeSoto-shu Sect Zen Temple Foundation? AccessFrom Seibu-Chichibu Station of the Seibu Railway, get on a bus of the Seibu Kanko bound for Sadamine, Minano Station, get off at the Kinsho-Ji depot. AddressYamada 1803-2, Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionThe Kinsho-Ji has the biggest deva gate (Nioh-mon) in the 34 Chichibu Fudasho pilgrimage temples. …

Chichibu Fudasho #4 Kinsho-Ji

Chichibu Fudasho #3 Josen-Ji Temple – Chichibu, Saitama

Hondo Main building TypeSoto-shu Sect Zen Temple Foundation? AddressYamada 1392, Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionThe buildings in this site were moved from the Chichibu Shrine in 1870. The wood engravings are very exquisite, and, it is said that those are engraved by sculptor Iida Izumi before the Meiji Restoration occurred in 1868. And the principal …

Chichibu Fudasho #3 Josenji

Chichibu Fudasho #2 Shinpuku-Ji Temple – Chichibu, Saitama

TypeSoto-shu Sect Temple Foundation? AddressYamada 3095, Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionThere used to be Honden main building and several other buildings, however, those were lost in a fire. Some wood engravings were moved to the present building. Wood engraving of dragon Pedigree Board

Honden Shinpuku-Ji Temple

Chichibu Fudasho #1 Shimabu-Ji Temple – Chichibu, Saitama

Temple gate TypeSoto-shu Sect Zen Temple Foundation? AddressTochiya 418, Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionThe Chichibu 34 Kannon Sanctuary (Chichibu Fudasho) is a group of Buddhist temples linked on a pilgrigame route. Every 12 years, in the year of the Horse, all the Gods (principal images of Buddha) of these 34 temples are unveiled. It is …

Honden Main Building - Shimabu-Ji

Chichibu Ontake Shrine – Hanno, Saitama

Torii shrine gate TypeShinto Shrine Foundation1894 Access25 minutes walk from Agano Station (Seibu Line) AddressSakaishi 580, Hanno city, Saitama Prefecture DescriptionThe Chichibu Ontake Shrine was found in 1894 by Kamoshita Seihachi. The Kiso Ontake Shrine in Nagano Prefecture is the head shrine of this shrine. The Chichibu Ontake Jinja is well-known for crimson foliage of …

Ontake Jinja Honden Main Building
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