Nioh-Mon Douji-do
Nioh-mon (deva gate)

Niou Guardian - Eifuku-Ji
Nioh guardian (right)

Nioh Guardian - Doujidou
Nioh guardian (left)

TypeBuzan School of Shingon-shu Sect Temple
AddressTerao 3595, Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture
DescriptionNumber 22 of the Chichibu 34 Pilgrimage Temples.
The proper name of this site is the Eifuku-Ji Temple, but, it is usually called “Doji-do”.
Doji means just child in Japanese.
There are two Nioh guardians in the deva gate.
Nioh guardians usually have scary faces, however, the two guardians here are not fearful.
Because their faces are like children, this site is called “Doji-do”.

Kannon-Do of Eifuku-Ji Temple
Kannon-do building

Kannon-Do - Eifuku-Ji Temple