Torii Gateway
Torii shrine gate

TypeShinto Shrine
Access25 minutes walk from Agano Station (Seibu Line)
AddressSakaishi 580, Hanno city, Saitama Prefecture
DescriptionThe Chichibu Ontake Shrine was found in 1894 by Kamoshita Seihachi.
The Kiso Ontake Shrine in Nagano Prefecture is the head shrine of this shrine.
The Chichibu Ontake Jinja is well-known for crimson foliage of Momiji maple tree.

Kouyou - Chichibu Ontake Jinja

autumn tints

Momiji Koyo

Stone Lantern (Tourou)
Toro stone lantern


Autumn Leaves in Tsukubai

Tsukubai Stone

Momiji autumn leaves

Aki no Koyo

Red Maple Leaves

Autumn leaf coloration

Kamoshita Seihachi asked anxiously to Togo Heihachiro for his permission to erect a statue in the shrine.
Togo Heihachiro (1848-1934) is great existed hero of Japan, admiral of the Japanese Navy, annihilated the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Empire at the Sea Battle of Sea of Japan on May 27 of 1905 (Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905).
Togo Heihachiro never permitted to erect his statue during his lifetime except this statue.
In 1925, the statue was unveiled in the presence of Togo Heihachiro and other naval high-ranked officers.

Statue of Togo Heihachiro
Statue of Admiral Togo

Plaque in Togo Shrine
Plaque in a building of the Togo Shrine

The main shrine building (Honden) is located at the hillside of the mountain.
Ontake Jinja Honden Main Building
Honden main building

To reach the top shrine building at the crest of the mountain, we have to go up the long steep stairway.

Steep Flight of Steps

Shrine building at the crest