Shimabuji Temple Gate
Temple gate

TypeSoto-shu Sect Zen Temple
AddressTochiya 418, Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture
DescriptionThe Chichibu 34 Kannon Sanctuary (Chichibu Fudasho) is a group of Buddhist temples linked on a pilgrigame route.
Every 12 years, in the year of the Horse, all the Gods (principal images of Buddha) of these 34 temples are unveiled.
It is the year of the Horse, so, I traveled the temples.

Chichibu Fudasho No.1 is the Shimabu-Ji Temple.
It is also famous for the beautiful colored leaves.

Pedigree Board
Pedigree Board

Temple Building

Honden Main Building - Shimabu-Ji
Hondo main building

Wood engraving Jigoku Hell
View of the Hell !

Wood Engraving Heaven
View of the Heaven !

Stone Lanterns &  Monumental Inscription


Aka Momiji

Autumn Leaf Coloration

Momiji Red Maples

Crimson Foliage - Shimabu-Ji Temple

Fall Foliage

Autumnal Leaves Momiji

japanese red maple leaves