MinegishiMinami Long Hair


Minegishi Minami Close-cropped


Japanese pop star Minegishi Minami (20) belonging to the popular all-girl band AKB48, cut off all her hair by herself and made a tearful public apology through YouTube after a tabloid magazine printed pictures of her leaving male dancer’s house.


The band AKB48 has a strict policy that members should not be involved in any romantic or sexual relations and the group’s management agency demoted her to “trainee” from regular member, according to the band’s official blog.


In Japan, having close-cropped hair means a gesture of contrition or repentance.

She broke the rule of the band, though, she wanted to stay as a member of AKB48.

So, she decided to cut off all her long hair by herself to express deep remorse for her sin.

(Posted on February 3 of 2013)