LocationYamakita Town of Kanagawa Prefecture
Near StationYaga Station or Suruga-Oyama Station (Gotenba Line of JR Tokai)
Car UseNo parking area both at starting point and ending point
DateJanuary 18 of 2013

Yaga Station (Gotenba Line)
Yaga Staion of Gotenba Line

How to get to Starting PointThere is bus service between Shin-Matsuda Station of Odakyu Line and Lake Tanzawa operated by Fuji-Kyu Shonan Bus.
Or you can catch a bus running the same route, at Yaga Station of Gotenba Line.
Though, Fuji-Kyu Shonan Bus makes less than one run per hour for this bus route.
So, you need to check the time table on ahead.
You should get off the bus at Tanasawa Campsite (Tanasawa Kyanpu-Jo Mae) bus stop.
Once you get off the bus at Tanasawa Campsite, go back the road about 100 meters or so.
You will find a wooden piling guide post that indicates the start point of the Furosan Hiking Trail (In Japanese).

Mount Furo (Furosan) Starting Point
Starting Point

TrekkingThere are two suspension bridges.
One is steady, you can cross the bridge easily.
But, the other one is made mostly of wood and is bouncing, you can enjoy something of a fright.

Suspension Bridge
Frightening Suspension Bridge

After crossing either of the bridges, go left looking Japanese tea plantation on your right-hand side.
You will find a guide post like in the picture below, then, go right for the peak of Mount Furo.

Guide post for Mount Furo
Guide post for Mount Furo

Unfortunately, the trail of this route is not easy to distinguish or pick out, it is at high risk of being lost.
There are low land marks on the trail, and all of them are written in Japanese.
There also are red or blue blazes looped on trees, though, it is a little hard to find those blazes without fail.
To tell you the truth, I myself veered off the trail at where I went 300 or 400 meters from the start point even though I can read Japanese.
I could not find the correct trail and I took a pathless route to go up.

Wrong pathless route
Wrong pathless route

Because I took a wrong pathless route, and it was so slippery of fallen leaves, it took much more times than usual.
When I came to some height of the mountain, suddenly, piles of snow appeared.
Unhappily, I didn’t expected and equipped for snow cover, I decided to give up to go to the peak, and I headed back.

Piles of snow
Piles of snow

My plan was to come at the crest of Mount Furo, then, go down the mountain south, go around the side of Kintoki Shrine, finally, arrive at Suruga-Oyama Station.
The estimated time required was about 5 hours 20 minutes.
But, I gave up to reach the peak and headed back to Tanasawa Campsite.
There was no bus from Tanasawa Campsite stop to Yaga Station at that time.
I spent about an hour walking from there to Yaga Station involuntarily.
The deep snow was unexpected circumstances.