Nagase Miyu

Nagase Miyu, 24 years old member of all-girl pop rock band ZONE, was fired on February 13.
According to the website of the group’s management agency, they fired Miyu for the reason of marked ill behaviors and non-performance.
The management agency reworded persuasions and instructions to her, but, she never said yes to their adivices.
As the agency could not get in touch with her these days, they have sent a paper of severance to her house by mail.

ZONE was formed in 1999 with four famale members.
Until the band disbanded in 2005, they appeared on stage of the Kohaku Utagassen (Year-end Grand Song Festival) for three times.
In 2011, ZONE reunited with three members (MIYU, MAIKO, TOMOKA).
However, TOMOKA soon got out of the band in October of the same year because of bad health.
Now, MIYU was fired, and, only MAIKO was left alone as a member of ZONE.

(Posted on February 14 of 2013)