TypeShinto Shrine
Foundationbefore 716
LocationAtsugi city of Kanagawa Prefecture
Near Station60 minutes walk from Aiko-Ishida station (Odakyu Line)
AddressOno 772, Atsugi city, Kanagawa Prefecture

Ono Jinja Shrine

DescriptionIt is unclear when this shrine was established.
However, it is recorded that the Amitabha Tathagata Buddha statue was devoted to Ono Shrine in AD716 by Gyoki (668-749), Buddhistic priest in the Nara period.
So, this shrine was established before 716.
Ono Shrine is categorised as the “Shikinaisha” which means shrines listed in the Engi-Shiki Shrine List editted in 927 by order of Emperor Daigo.
So, Shikinaisha shrines are regarded as prestigious ones.
Ono Shrine has been rebuilt for several times in 1194, 1597, 1619, 1649, 1692 and 1848.

Ono Shrine - Honden main building