Entrance - Bunbuku no Yu

Nature of SpringNatrium-calcuim mineral spring (Kosen)
AddressObuchi 532, Kasama city, Ibaraki Prefecture
Hours Open10:00 – 19:00
Fixed HolidayMondays (Open if holiday), Dec 29 – Jan 2
FeeAdult 500 Yen, Child 250 Yen

Hinoki Buro - Bunbuku no Yu
Hinoki-buro (cypress bath)

DescriptionHere is small facilities of baths, accommodations and restaurant.
I came here for only bathing.
There are totally two Uchi-yu inside baths for men and women.
The bathtubs are made of Hinoki cypress wood in whole.
Also the lids for heat-retention are made of cypress wood.
It is very good that the whole bathtubs are made of cypress wood, though, because of that, it is not possible to heat up the spring water in the tubs.
When I soaked in the bathtub, the water temperature was tepid.
I soaked in it for several minutes, but, finally I felt like getting out of the bath because of the tepid water.
It was a bit of a pity.