Takatsu-yu Entrance

Nature of SpringPure water (not natural mineral spring)
AddressMizonokuchi 3-8-13, Takatsu-ward, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture
Hours Open15:00 – 24:00
Fixed HolidayNot fixed
FeeAdult 470 Yen

Wood Fuel

DescriptionThis Sento is not Onsen hot spring.
Just pure (tap) water is heated by wood-fired boiler so that the water is mild.
Most of the other Sento boil water using heating oil.
I took a bath of the Takatsu-yu on December 22 of 2014 because the day was the winter solstice.
It is said in Japan that taking a Chinese lemon bath (Yuzu-yu) on the winter solstice day makes people healthy and happy.
The bathhouse was tasteful, keys of the shoe locker are made of wood, old-style bath attendant was sitting on a pedestal and serving, an obligatory painting (Mount Fuji) is done on the wall of the bathroom.
Kengo Nakamura who is a top football (soccer) player that belongs to Kawasaki Frontale, depicted his facial composite on the wall painting because the pronunciation of the Frontale is very similar to the Japanese word “Furo” which means bath.
But, I didn’t think his facial composite looked alike (laugh).
Anyway, I enjoyed the Yuzu-yu lemon bath much.
Please note that you have to bring in or purchase soap and shampoo as these are not prepared in this facility.

Nakamura Kengo drew facial caricature
Nakamura Kengo (left)