Ramen Ohnishi Appearance

TypeShoyu (soy sauce flavored) Ramen (Odawara Lineage)
LocationMatsuda Town of Kanagawa Prefecture
Near Station7 minutes walk from Shin-Matsuda Station (Odakyu Line)
AddressSoryo 1029, Matsuda Town, Ashigara Kami County, Kanagawa Prefecture
Hours Open11:30-20:00
Fixed HolidayThursdays
IngredientsCha-shu (barbecued pork), Nori (dried seaweed), Menma (seasoned bamboo shoots), Long green onion & Bean sprout
PriceRegular size Ramen 800 Yen

Onishi Syoyu-Ramen

DescriptionThere is a Ramen restaurant in Yugawara Town of Kanagawa Prefecture whose name is “Aji no Onishi”.
And there are several restaurants in the western area of Kanagawa whose names are the same as the principal restaurant in Yugawara.
Those are Ramen restaurants which are permitted to use the same restaurant name (=”Aji no Onishi”).
Regarding this restaurant (“Ramen Onishi”), its name is not same as the principal restaurant, though, the taste of the Ramen is very similar.
For this restaurant, the price of the standard Ramen is a little expensive as 800 Yen.
However, the volume of noodles is double compared to general Ramen.
The soup is simplely soy sauce flavored one but rich, so that you can eat noodles easily.
If you pay 400 Yen more for the additional cost, you can eat a large portion of Ramen.
Though, I think it is really incredible to eat all the large portion of the Ramen alone.

(Posted on January 20 of 2013)