Douage - Urawa Reds Ladies
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Champions - Urawa Reds Ladies

PlaceUrawa Komaba Stadium

On November 24, Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies vs Albirex Niigata Ladies, one of the final matches with the Exciting Series of the Nadeshiko Japanese women’s football league was held at the Urawa Komaba Stadium in Saitama Prefecture.
Before the match, Urawa Ladies was keeping the first place with three more points against the 2nd-best team Nittere Beleza in the standings.
However, Urawa had much advantage of eight on goal differential.
So, even if Urawa lost and Nittere won, Urawa would win the championship, unless the eight of goal differencial was overtaken.
Because it was almost a certainty for the Urawa to become the champions, lots of Urawa fans surged onto the field.
The Urawa lost 0-1 in the match, and, the Beleza defeated the opposing team 1-0.
As a result, the Urawa won the championship.

After the Japan National Team won the deciding match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup held in Germany in 2011, the Nadeshiko Japanese women’s football (soccer) league rapidly became popular.
I hope that the league would increase more in popularity.