TypeShinto Shrine
Foundationbefore 691 ? (uncertain)
LocationShimo-Suwa Town of Nagano Prefecture
Near Station10 minutes walk from Shimo-Suwa Station (JR Chuo-Honsen Line)
AddressShimo-Suwa Town 5828, Suwa County, Nagano Prefecture

Suwa-taisha Shimo-sha Akimiya Torii Gate
Torii Gate of the Suwa-taisha Shimo-sha Akimiya

DescriptionSuwa Taisha is one of the oldest shrines in existence.
It consists of four building complexes located around Lake Suwa (Kamisha Honmiya, Kamisha Maemiya, Shimosha Harumiya & Shimosha Akimiya).
Suwa Taisha does not have a Honden building that normally enshrines Kami God.
For the two Kamisha shrines, the objects of worship are the mountains the shrines stand on.
For the two Shimosha shrines, the objects of worship are timbers or tree.
Suwa Shrine used to be designated as the chief Shinto shrine for Shinano Province (present Nagano Prefecture).
Lately, Suwa Shrine became well-known as one of “power spots” which are said to make people healthier amd more energetic.
This time, I went to the Shimosha Akimiya.

Kagura-den built in 1835
Kagura-den built in 1835

Very huge Shimenawa, sacred rice-straw ropes, are hung.
The pair of Komainu, stone-carved guardian dogs, is the largest one (1.7meters) of bronze in Japan.

HeiHai-den built in 1781
HeiHai-den built in 1781