Eigen-Ji Temple

TypeSoto-shu Sect of Zen Buddhism Temple
AddressDaigo 1571, Daigo-cho, Kuji county, Ibaraki Prefecture
DescriptionThe Eigen-Ji Temple is also known as “Momiji-dera” which means “temple of Momiji maple tree”.
In 1864, most of the buildings were destroyed by fire caused by the Tengu-to Rebellion.
The current Hondo main building was rebuilt in 1953.
The temple is located on a hill, and it has a grandstand view of the Daigo town.
I went this temple on November 27 of 2014, I could enjoy so beautiful scenes of the autumn colors.

Steps of Eigen-Ji Temple

Hondo Main Building -Eigen-Ji
Hondo main building

Plaque of the Hondo, Eigen-Ji

Red Momiji Leaf - Eigenji

Autumn Leaves - Eigen-Ji Soto Temple

Autumn Tints over Buddhas

Jizo Stone Statue - Eigen-Ji

A view of Fall

Beautiful Scene in Eigen-Ji Temple

Red & Yellow Momiji Leaves

Hondo & Tourou Stone Lantern

Contrast of green & red

Lovely autumn scene - Eigen-Ji

Kwannon Goddess of Mercy
Kannon (Goddess of Mercy)