TypePork & soy sauce flavored (Iekei) Ramen
LocationAtsugi City of Kanagawa Prefecture
Near Station15 minutes walk from Aiko-Ishida Station (Odakyu Line)
AddressFunako 1234, Atsugi city, Kanagawa Prefecture
Hours OpenAM11:30-
Fixed HolidayWednesdays, Second & Third Tuesday
IngredientsCha-shu (barbecued pork), Nori (dried seaweed), Spinach, Long green onion & one more choice of topping
PriceRegular size Ramen 650 Yen

Yokohama-ramen Sandaime Shop Appearance

Description“Yokohama Ramen” is a chain restaurant which serves the “Iekei” style Ramen.
The Iekei Ramen means pork & soy sauce flavored one that the Yoshimura-Ya in Yokohama city originally started serving this kind of Ramen in 1974.
For this restaurant (Yokohama Ramen Sandaime), the owner seems to be the third generation.
Only have seats at the bar. No seat at tables.
The taste of the Ramen is quite good as it is made faithfully in the style of the Iekei Ramen.
Overboiled spinach is used as a topping as is customary with Iekei Ramen.
You can choose 1.consistency of noodle, 2.amount of oil, 3. strength of soup.

Yokohama-Ramen Sandaime Iekei